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  • amazongo_shopping

    Future Retail: Amazon Go Concept Store Opens to Public

    The technology inside Amazon’s new convenience store called Amazon Go, opened Monday in Seattle, enables a shopping experience like no other — no checkout lines and no cash involved. By combining computer vision, machine learning algorithms and sensors, the online retail simply charges their Amazon account. There are no shopping carts or baskets inside Amazon Go. […]

  • www-se-ai

    The DeepMind AI that Google Created Learns to Be Aggressive in Stressful Situations

    Last year at Cambridge University, Stephen Hawking made the bold claim that the creation of artificial intelligence also called AI will be “either the best, or the worst thing, ever to happen to humanity”.  Last year, he joined famous Elon Musk and hundreds of other experts in writing an open letter asking the governments to […]

  • elon_musk_simulation

    Elon Musk Accepts That There Are Almost 20% Chances We Are Living in a Simulation

    Elon Musk wears many hats. He’s the co-founder of online payments behemoth PayPal, the founder of private space flight pioneers SpaceX, the chief executive of electronic car manufacturers Tesla, and investor of DeepMind before it was acquired by Google. He’s also known for the many speeches about the dangers of AI research, the need for […]