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  • apple-iphone-8

    iPhone 8 Is Rumored to Have a Curved OLED Display and Wireless Charging

    Forget the iPhone 7, it’s the iPhone 8 you’ll be more interested in. Set for a 2017 release to celebrate the iPhone’s 10th anniversary, here’s what the rumors say about the iPhone 8 release features and specs. Accordingly, the iPhone 8 is now rumored to have a curved OLED display and wireless charging.  Apple’s sales have […]

  • glenlivet-50-year-old-whisky

    Glenlivet Unveils Its Liquid History: the 50 Year Old Whisky Glenlivet Winchester Collection

    Called the Glenlivet Winchester Collection Vintage 1966, only 100 bottles of this precious liquid, matured in an exceptional high quality sherry cask, will be released priced at $25,000 each. The Glenlivet Winchester Collection Vintage 1966 has been aged in ex-sherry casks and was bottled on 25 May 2016 at cask strength 48.9%. One of the […]

  • mercedes-benz-shes-mercedes-style-luxury-yacht

    Silver Arrow of the Seas – The Luxury Yacht Made by Mercedes-Benz

    With the “Arrow460-Granturismo” called Silver Arrow of the Seas, Mercedes-Benz is establishing a totally new boat concept. The unusual design is the first foray into the world of motor yacht for the company and only 10 pieces of this jewelry is produced.  The luxury motor yacht “Arrow460–Granturismo” designed by Mercedes-Benz Style embarks on its maiden voyage off the […]

  • bermuda-triangle

    Mystery Of The Bermuda Triangle Is Almost Solved

    The Bermuda Triangle has long been a mystery to scientists everywhere. How could entire ships and air squadrons vanish from radar screens in one specific triangular-shaped region of the globe? A new possible discovery could finally answer the question. On the Science Channel’s “What on Earth?” show, a pair of meteorologists recently discovered hexagonal-shaped clouds over […]

  • girls-on-the-bridge

    Girls on the Bridge Painting May Hit $50M in New Auction

    Although the picture is a representation of the real world, it looks more like a creepy nightmare. Whatever it depicts, the 1902 Girls on the Bridge is a masterpiece by Edvard Munch, and is estimated to be worth $50 million. The 1902 work by Edvard Munch, titled “Pikene på broen” by the Norwegian artist, shows […]

  • brain-hack

    How to Hack Your Brain and Improve Your Memory

    For sure you have been in the situation when you had to study a lot of information and you felt overwhelmed. Or you read some great book and wonder what’s the best and effective way to absorb all that data.  Did you realise you’re only in control of five per cent of your brain’s activity? Don’t […]

  • paul-beatty-sellout

    Author Paul Beatty Is the First American to Win the Man Booker Prize

    Paul Beatty has won the prestigious Man Booker Prize for his acclaimed novel The Sellout, becoming the first American writer to do so. The award is determined by a five-person jury, and in this case, the decision was unanimous. Paul Beatty’s novel “The Sellout,” a blistering satire about race in America, won the Man Booker […]

  • borrowed-time

    Borrowed Time – The Only Devastating Pixar Short Animation

    “Borrowed Time,” a superb short animation from Pixar animators Andrew Coats and Lou Hamou-Lhadj, just made its online debut. The film, streaming on Vimeo for a limited time, observes a still-mourning sheriff as he recalls a tragic accident from his past. The internet response has been tremendous. The emotional work took around five years to make, and […]

  • black-gold-caviar

    5 Things You Didn’t Know About Caviar, the Black Gold

    You probably heard so much about caviar, this mysterious luxury: tiny black pearls so exquisite in flavor and texture that people paid through the nose for just a dollop. Maybe you tasted it. Fresh caviar is definitely one of the most expensive and sought-after luxuries in the world. But what really makes ordinary the fish […]

  • rolls-royce-103ex-specs

    Rolls-Royce Hits the Future with Insane Concept Car Vision Next 100

    The Vision Next 100 known also as 103EX was unveiled at an event in North London, and has been hailed as the first “purely visionary” concept in the brand’s 112-year history. Its body work almost completely wraps around the wheels, making the car look like it’s floating a few inches off the ground. The list of features […]

  • luxury-watches-fake

    How to Spot a Fake Luxury Watch – Replica World

    Collecting luxury watches is an expensive hobby. With some brands costing thousands of dollars, it can be tempting to try to find the best deals out there. In this situation it’s very easy to buy a fake luxury watch, and this article will teach how you can avoid that. What is really scary is that almost 30% […]

  • sci-fi-movies-list

    5 Sci-Fi Movies Every Guy Should See in a Lifetime

    Cinematic history is littered with gems. In the hands of a brilliant director, a skillful cast, or a visionary writer, a sci-fi masterpiece can be born. This is the main reason we compelled here a list with 5 movies every man should see.  The sci-fi movies are ranked by fans of space and sci-fi genres. All […]

  • journey_to_mars

    Tomorrow Schiaparelli Spacecraft Will Land on Mars

    The Mars spotlight has been focused on NASA and SpaceX for some time now. One of the top contenders that hasn’t gotten much attention is the ExoMars Schiaparelli spacecraft that will land on 19th october on Mars. With arrival at Mars set for October 19, ESA mission control in Darmstadt, Germany is busy making last […]

  • zumwalt-deck-destroyer

    USS Zumwalt is the New Generation Destroyer That Joined U.S. Navy

    The U.S. Navy’s largest destroyer ever built, the USS Zumwalt, carried out trial operations last year — and now the new modern, high-tech battleship has officially entered the fleet. Nothing like the Zumwalt has ever been built. The 14,500-ton ship’s flat, inward-sloping sides and superstructure rise in pyramidal fashion in a form called tumblehome. Its […]

  • sub3-u-576-nazi

    Famous U-576 Nazi U-Boat was Found 7 Years After the Original Search

    On August the 24th of this year, seven years after the original search had begun, the wreckage of the German submarine U-576 was found a mere thirty miles off of the coast of North Carolina, 72 years after it was sunk. Wreckage of the submerged U-576 submarine was discovered by sonar near Ocracoke on August 24, […]

  • mobiado-professional-3-gcb-great-empires-russia-1

    Mobiado Pays Hommage to Russia With The Professional 3 GCB Great Empires Phone

    Mobiado has unleashed a new version of its amazing Professional 3 GCB phone upon luxury enthusiasts, this time honoring Russia in the most stunning way possible. Part of the brand’s exquisite Great Empires collection, this new luxury smartphone shows off a mesmerizing 24K gold plated case in the art of guilloché. The Professional 3 GCB pays hommage by highlighting the unmistakable decorative […]

  • famous-marilynmonoroe-dress

    Marilyn Monroe’s Unforgettable Sexy Dress Is on the Auction Again

    The iconic “Happy Birthday Mr. President” dress was on display for press only on September 22 and it will go to auction later in Los Angeles in November. A full length evening backless flesh-colored Jean Louis dress dripping with rhinestones in a rosette motif that was worn by Marilyn Monroe on May 19 1962.  In 1962, at a […]

  • ferrari-gtc4lusso-t-1

    Ferrari Unveils Its New 600bph Car Called GTC4Lusso T

    Ferrari has used the Paris Motor Show this year to reveal its new GTC4Lusso T, a rear-wheel-drive, turbocharged V8 version of Ferrari’s rather good all-wheel drive V12-engined grand tourer. Hailing a whole new Ferrari GT concept, the new model is aimed at owners seeking a car that is sporty and versatile, as well as perfect […]

  • bmw-motorrad-vision-next

    BMW Reveals the Self-balancing Bike of the Future Motorrad Vision

    Following the BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce Vision concepts, BMW has revealed its next solution for future travel, this time for the world of motorcycling lovers: the BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100.  Motorcycles aren’t exactly safe, but BMW envisions a future where two-wheel vehicles have enough on-board intelligence to make it possible for drivers to use […]

  • giving-a-dog-supplements

    There is a Pill That can Make Your Dog Leave Forever

    Aging is a spectre we all must face one day, but is this the way that it will always be? Medical researchers hope to delay or even reverse the process of aging, and some are already claiming that they’ve found a way to immortality. Will we one day be able to disable the ageing process? It sounds like […]

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