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  • avalanche-danger

    5 Critical Situations and How You Can Keep Safe

    Even if a city looks like a safer place to be, there are situations when you will be out there hiking, camping or fishing. Outdoor is a way of life and it gives you that link with your ancestors. A lot of people prefer this lifestyle and it’s nothing new that gear, skills and training […]

  • 5 Currency Ideas to Use in Economic Collapse SHTF Scenario

    History repeats itself. I don’t say that we are close to a SHTF scenario, but as some of you know it’s better to be prepared. Thousands of years ago with no crisis on the go, humans independently abandoned informal barter systems and adopted what we know now as currency. Stones, gems, gold all where the […]

  • smoked_meat

    5 Foods That You Can Store for Decades

    In these days when more and more we are facing calamities it’s never a bad idea to have a stockpile around your house or better in a cellar. These foods can last for years and you can use them in case the grid goes down or there is no electricity. This is important as they […]