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    5 Dog Breeds That you Can Take With You Outdoor

    It’s summer and for all the adventurers this is the perfect time to go out. Exploring, hiking and all outdoor activities are the ones that you do with your friends. As alternative, why not explore the outside world with some of the most active dog breeds? So, if you like that much playing outdoor with […]

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    There is a Pill That can Make Your Dog Leave Forever

    Aging is a spectre we all must face one day, but is this the way that it will always be? Medical researchers hope to delay or even reverse the process of aging, and some are already claiming that they’ve found a way to immortality. Will we one day be able to disable the ageing process? It sounds like […]

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    Harambe – the Stupid Death of a Gorilla

    Harambe was killed by a specialized zoo team on Saturday after he grabbed a 4-year-old boy who had fallen into zoo’s Gorilla World enclosure. Harambe was born in captivity in Texas and moved to Cincinnati zoo in 2014, where it was hoped he could be part of the breeding programme. The zoo celebrated his birthday. The […]

  • Frederick-the-great-valuable-stallion

    This is Frederik the Great – The Most Beautiful Stallion in The World

    Reminiscent of the stallion in Anna Sewell’s classic book, “Black Beauty,” Frederik the Great is the most beautiful stallion in the world and can be found at Pinnacle Friesians, a renowned Friesian breeder located in the Ozarks of the United States. Here is the place where that breeder Stacy Nazario selects their stallions in an effort to preserve the […]