McDonald’s is testing an expensive burger with Wagyu beef

Wagyu beef is known to be the best quality beef in the world, hunted for its flavor

As you’d expect, the new Wagyu beef burger has a different price range as the McDouble. Instead, the standalone product will set you back around $11, which makes it the priciest burger in a Mc menu.

The test takes place in Australia for the moment. McDonald’s Australia director of suppy chain Robert Sexton said this launch was further testament to McDonalds’ commitment to use local suppliers. Macca’s uses now the opportunity to source from a new stream of Aussie farmers, with all the beef being sourced entirely from Australia.


For the non-carnivores out there, wagyu is a type of Japanese cow whose meat is renowned for intense marbling, soft texture and high levels of unsaturated fat.

So far, the burger has drawn mixed reactions on social media. Some appreciate the quality of the meat, but others have panned it with comparisons to cardboard.

Went to get one but not paying that much for it!,” one person posted. “Go to a proper burger place or cafe in Melb and pay $15 with chips and salad. Had one from Lilydale VIC, unfortunately it was dry as a bone. Sad. Just had it. 1/10.

The product is simply being tested as of now, but it will be interesting to see if the chain decides to make this product available in other countries.

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