New 4,000 Year Old Tomb Discovered in Eqypt

The tomb of an Old Kingdom priestess was discovered on the Giza plateau

Archaeologists in Egypt have unveiled a 4,000 year old tomb near the Giza pyramids that contains rare wall paintings and is believed to belong to a high-ranking priestess named Hetpet. According to researchers Hetpet was a priestess for Hathor, a goddess associated with fertility, motherhood, and love.

Hetpet was buried in a tomb featuring several architectural styles and decorative elements that were common among burial chambers and tombs of the fifth Dynasty. Hetpet is portrayed in some of the paintings throughout the tomb standing in different scenarios in her life where she is hunting, fishing, or sitting with her children on a large table.

New Old Kingdom tomb discovered in Giza
A general view of wall paintings EPA/KHALED ELFIQI via

Pictures that worth a 1,000 words

Hetpet’s tomb significantly features well preserved paintings of scenarios including people reaping fruits, working in creating metals and fabrication of leather. There are also scenes with papyri boats, and people enjoying entertaining nights that included musicals and dancing performances.

A general view inside tomb

An Egyptian archaeological mission led by Dr. Mostafa Waziry, secretary general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, has discovered the tomb during excavation works carried out in the Giza western cemetery.

The area houses tombs of the Old Kingdom’s top officials discovered by previous archaeological missions since 1842.

This counts as the first archaeological discovery in the year 2018. Official confirmed that excavation works will continue on the site and for sure all these discoveries will be exposed in the Grand Egyptian museum.

The first phase of Grand Egyptian museum is expected to be opened later this year while the big opening is planned for 2022.

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