PG-2 PlayStation-themed Nike Sneakers are Any Gamer’s Dream

Sony partners with Nike and introduces PG-2 PlayStation Colorway sneakers

Sony recently teamed up with NBA All-Star Paul George and Nike to create some game-looking sneakers based off the PlayStation’s design. The sneakers, called the PG-2 PlayStation Colorway, looks pretty cool – whether you’re a basketball fan or just a gamer.

NBA player Paul George of the Oklahoma City Thunder has created this basketball shoe with Nike and it’s an official collaboration with Sony’s PlayStation brand. Paul George claims he’s one of the biggest gamers in the NBA, and his new sneaker is designed to reflect that by taking inspiration from the iconic PlayStation design and colors.

Just like basketball, I’ve had a knack for video games since I was a kid.

When I was 8 or 9, I used to amaze my uncle and all his friends by consistently beating them in all the sports games we’d play.

All across the pair, you’ll find several details paying homage to the well-known Sony PlayStation, like the tongue with a “PS” light-up logo in blue. The other tongue, meanwhile, feature George’s own logo. You can turn them on or off with a button located inside the sneaker, and you’ll feel a pulse when you press it that’s meant to mimic vibrations from a DualShock controller.

The batteries in PG-2 PlayStation shoes are actually self-contained, so there’s no need to charge them. Nike said the power has a life span of more than 150 hours, so make sure you use the light-up features wisely, otherwise you’ll have to do some tinkering if you happen to run them out.

Meanwhile, the insole is made up of a galaxy-themed graphic that Sony provided to Nike, which was designed to resemble the company’s dynamic PlayStation wallpapers.

Below is the video that presents these fantastic shoes:

The Nike PG2 Playstation sneakers will cost $110 and will be available from February. Unfortunately these are limited editions, and likely to get snatched up quickly by sneaker collectors. More info about the launch you can get by following the PlayStation blog and Nike app.

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