Demi Lovato Makes Fans Believe She is The Daughter of Demi Moore

The 24-year-old singer looks like she starts to borrow Moore’s style

The MTV Europe Music Awards was the right place for some of the most exquisite and outrageous fashion looks. From Rita Ora’s bathrobe to Camila Cabello’s see-through dress, the eyes went on the best look of the evening. Demi Lovato managed to make an over sized suit look completely sexy on her, a look that made everybody see the resemblance with Demi Moore. 

The gorgeous singer chose to wear the blazer on skin without any bra and leaving the jacket wide open. Thanks to the extra size of pants and semi-structured cut, Demi Lovato pushed her gorgeous figure so close to Demi Moore.

The more you look, you will notice a lot of similarities with Demi Moore.

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“Demi Lovato is Demi Moore’s daughter and I didn’t know that,” one tweet said.

The look is making you feel like experiencing a déjà-vu, especially if you look at the late performance of Levato.

Demi went on the scene for “Sorry Not Sorry” and she was wearing a black bodysuit with translucent pants. A close look takes you to the costume room for Moore’s Striptease movie.

demi-lovato-on scene
High energy performance: The pop star belted out her hit single, Sorry Not Sorry, plus the title track of her new album, Tell Me You Love Me via

They’re both beautiful, famous brunettes and they have both spent time in rehab.

What do you think about Demi Lovanto’s look? Do you think she is trying to copy Moore’s celebrity and style?

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