Global 7000 The Architect – The Largest Jet Ever Made for Business Travel

Bombardier’s FTV4 Global 7000 can carry 19 passengers and will enter service next year with a list price of almost $73 million

Bombardier company has given the world an impressive jet –  the Global 7000 with nickname The Architect or FTV4. This is the first Global 7000 aircraft to be showcased at a public event and is the first flight test vehicle equipped with a cabin interior.

The Architect will be on display at the National Business Aviation Association‘s flagship industry trade show in Las Vegas between October 10-12.

Bombardier hopes the Global 7000 will play a key role in its five-year strategy after the company experienced a brush with bankruptcy in 2015.

FTV4 is the first aircraft to be furnished with a cabin interior. It is confirming the unparalleled comfort and interior design that customers can expect from this extravagant business jet.

Bombardier FTV4 interior via

Prior to its first flight, FTV4 interiors were validated on the ground in a one-of-a-kind Bombardier test rig that replicates the conditions of flight related to air-frame motions and flight loads. This process allowed for the validation of the interior’s fit and finish well in advance of its actual installation in FTV4.

Through visionary design and superior performance, the Global 7000 aircraft redefines the business aircraft experience, being also the largest jet for corporate travel. With four distinct living spaces, plus a dedicated crew suite, it is unique among business jets in spaciousness, comfort and highly personalized design flexibility.

In the Global 7000 aircraft’s available Master Suite you will discover a tranquility you never thought possible. Delivering the ultimate in luxurious comfort, the space features an array of furnishing options, including a true stand-up shower.

The Master Suite features a permanent bed and countless other options to bring the feeling of home with you wherever you travel. Also, with the new larger windows, the Global 7000 aircraft provides more natural light than any other cabin in business aviation.

Global 7000 interior via

The flagship aircraft Global 7000 FTV4 has a price of $73 million, is projected to have a range of 13,700km and a top speed of 982km/h. Engineered with intent for total performance, no other business jet offers the Global 7000 aircraft’s ultimate combination of speed, range, field performance and smooth ride.

Impressive as it looks, the company said that 12 Global 7000s will be on the line before the end of this year.

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