Manly Inspiration – Simple and Cool Tattoos for Men

Bigger is not always better, this is why you can take in consideration a simple tattoo to represent you

If you are thinking of getting your first tattoo, the first thought is to go for a big one. The truth is that a simple design can have much more impact. There are a lot of designs ideas, but the better direction is to have something that is representing you. 

A small shape of a camera can be good for a photographer or a simple CMYK code that can have a meaning for a graphic designer.

When you decide to go for a cool tattoo you must have in mind two things:

  1. a clue of the type of art you like. There are a lot of color schemes and combinations like polka tattoos, starfish, geometrical tattoos or portrait.
  2. where you want your tattoo (sleeve, neck, arm etc)
Chest tattoo via

You can easily find your idea in imagery, which can also have dual meaning. If you go for a portrait for example there are a lot of places to take inspiration how you want it to be. You can go for a black and white design, but you can also go for a mystic design and add elements like animal, wood etc.

If you have a budget you can go for a renowned artist like Nikko Hurtado that creates impressive portraits or for a guy that creates a Japanese-style cool tattoos like Ami James.

For this kind of artwork you must be aware of the time to make an appointment though.

Below we have added some inspirational tattoos just to help you decide on your design. Don’t take these as the most interesting tattoos ever, get creative and decide yourself the meaning.

Tattoo via
Tattoo via
Tattoo via
Tattoo via
Tattoo via
Tattoo via
Tattoo via
Koi tattoo via

The art or model is related to your needs or like but you can link it to science, nature or anything else. Find a good artist and go for a symbol that fully represent you. In the end all that matters is to feel good with the design and to feel that it completes your manhood.

If you have already done a tattoo and you are proud of it feel free to post your design in the comments below.

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