Top 5 Most Beautiful Women In Greece

When you think about Greece you say beautiful landscapes, delicious food and beautiful women

When you think about Greece you say beautiful landscapes, delicious food and expensive islands. This land is also known for having born some ladies that can easily be put in a top beautiful ladies in the world. It’s not sure if this is related with the goddess Aphrodite, but this land is full of girls that make men go crazy.

1.Eleni Menegaki

Eleni Menaki via

This is one of those cases when age is just a number. Eleni is 47 years old, she is married with Pantazopoulos Makis and is a very well-known actress in Greece. Born in Athens she is also a model and a talk show host. In 2010 she was ranked the second when is came to the most powerful celebrities in Greece.

2.Marietta Chrousala

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She had already been working voluntarily since 2002 for the 2004 Summer Olympics, while she was chosen after winning her title as one of the celebrities to take part in the Olympic Flame torch relay which finished in Greece.

Marietta has a degree from the University of Athens in Mass Media and Communication. She is working on a master’s degree in Psychology of Communication. She is represented by Ace Models Agency and has appeared on the covers of numerous fashion magazines. She was the co-host of the TV game show “Poly tin Kyriaki” for its first season on Mega Channel.

In 2011, she was one of the celebrities on the greek version of Dancing With The Stars.

On 5 June 2010, she married the Greek shipowner, founder and owner of Atlas Maritime, Leon Patitsas.

3.Klelia Andriolatou

Klelia Andriolatou via
Klelia Andriolatou was born on October 12, 1996 in Thessaloniki, Greece. She is an actress, known for Brousko TV series.
She has been studying modding since she was 14. Despite its tender age, Klelia has already managed to stand out in the international modelling field.
Shu Uemura, the promotional campaign of the Shu Uemura Cosmetic Company, is a showcase for its talent and beauty.
She has made mileage on the catwalks and has been photographed for some of the biggest fashion magazines such as “Vogue”, “Elle” and others.
Below you can see her in a spot for Follie Follie – Summer Stories

4.Katerina Papoutsaki

Katerina Papoutsaki
Katerina Papoutsaki via

Katerina Papoutsaki was born on January 25, 1979 in Athens, Greece. She is an actress and a sexy model that became famous starting 2009 when she was declared Miss Greece. She has won a lot of fans after she has taken some nude photos.

5.Diana Igropoulou

Diana Igropoulou
Diana Igropoulou via

The Greek bomb Diana Igropoulou offers us beautiful surprises all the time. The superb native of Athens is a very serious girl of the day: student, and rumors say that she is single.
Besides, the beautiful girl is a queen of beauty who knows how to put her assets ahead, so she was elected in 2007 Miss Young Queen of Universe.
After posing on the cover and on several pages of the magazine Maxim in small outfits, she started working with Max also posing very sexy.

These beautiful women have proven that they are not only beautiful, but also they are very hard working and determined. Most of them have figured out what they are good at and have exploited that ability or talent despite age or origins.

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