Gigi Hadid Fits Perfectly for the Reebok 2017 SS Campaign

She loves ice cream, shorts and sneakers

Gigi Hadid is well-known for the athletic look, so it should really come as no surprise that she prefers sneakers over sandals. She is one of the hottest supermodels right now with endless fashion campaigns, but now she decided for the Reebok sneakers.

Gigi Hadid via

Reebok has partnered with Gigi Hadid for a special look at the 22-year-old supermodel’s summer style essentials as part of its #PerfectNever campaign.

Though it’s no secret that sneakers are a huge street style trend now, picking out the right pair can often pose a major challenge. Gigi’s affinity for the Reebok Classic Leathers makes perfect sense when you consider her lifestyle and need for comfort.

She follows Ronda Rousey as an ambassador for the global sportswear brand’s initiative to embrace fitness as an opportunity to defy expectations.

This message falls under Reebok’s larger “Be More Human” movement.

Gigi Hadid via

Gigi Hadid has accrued already a wide range of high-profile partnerships over the years, but this this is the first time she goes for a sportswear brand.

I’ve always been such a big fan of Reebok. I love the clothes and everything that I get to model on my photo shoots, and also the message that the brand puts across is really important to me. The #PerfectNever campaign is just something that I thought that I could represent genuinely.

Part of the Reebok campaign we now have more insights about Gigi. Watch below a fashion talk called “This or That?” and leave your comments on Gigi Hadid below.

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