Gardening Activities Can Help you Burn More Calories Than Running

There’s even evidence that gardening makes you happier than other people

Gardening reduces stress and anxiety, decreases your risk of diabetes, and keeps your mind sharp. And above all these we can benefit of much healthier food like vegetables, fruits and plants. 

It’s a given that growing your own organic veggies improves your diet; but access to fresh, unprocessed food right in your backyard isn’t the only reason gardening is good for you.

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South Korean study, published in the journal HortTechnology, found that some gardening tasks qualify as moderate- to high-intensity activities. So, in other words, your garden is a great way to keep you fit.

Reduce stress and anxiety

Getting out in the garden at the end of work day reduces your stress levels and mental fatigue. In another study, participants performed a stressful activity and then were assigned 30 minutes of gardening or 30 minutes of indoor reading afterwards.

Both reduced stress, but working in the garden had a significantly bigger impact.

Read below how the main activities you can perform outdoor delivers you the best benefits.

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Digging and spading deliver resistance training minus the trip to the gym. You’ll burn calories while working the soil—in 30 minutes of digging, women burn 150 calories, men 197. (That’s more than running a mile—a 150-pound woman running 1 mile in 10-minutes will burn roughly 113 calories.)

Mulching is one of the best time-saving measures a gardener can take.

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Mowing the grass around your garden or house can deliver physical benefits. You’ll get the highest-intensity workout with a push reel mower. Thirty minutes of this activity burns 181 calories for women, 236 for men.

Weeding doesn’t just help your flowers and veggies—30 minutes of weeding burns 138 calories for women, and 181 for men. Reaching for weeds makes you limber, and gives your hamstrings, buttocks, legs and hips a workout.

Put safety first

Powered and unpowered tools and equipment can cause serious injury. Limit distractions, use chemicals and equipment properly, and be aware of hazards to lower your risk for injury.

Also follow the basic rules:

  • Wear gloves to lower the risk for skin irritations, cuts, and certain contaminants.
  • Keep harmful chemicals, tools, and equipment out of children’s reach.
  • Make sure equipment is working properly.
  • Sharpen tools carefully.

Gardening can be a great way to enjoy the outdoors, get physical activity, beautify the community, and grow nutritious fruits and vegetables.

Let us know if you already do this or what is your favorite outdoor activity.

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