Porsche: New Luxury Sports Car the 2018 911 GT3

The iconic 2018 GT3 has an aspirated 4.0L flat-six inspired by the ones used in all 911 race cars

Porsche continues to unveil stunning luxury sports cars inspired by the track with its latest 2018 911 GT3. The iconic silhouette gets a naturally aspirated 4.0L flat-six inspired by the ones used in all 911 race cars. It’s capable of 500 hp and can go from 0-60 in 3.2 seconds, hitting a top speed of 197 mph. 

Born in Flacht.

New 911 GT3 via porsche.com

An unadulterated sports car, naturally. One that breathes motorsport and defies the tarmac. A race car that pushes its drivers into their Sports seats more firmly than they would ever have imagined possible.

The new front end of the 911 GT3 makes one thing instantly clear: this car is not here simply to make up the numbers. Large openings left and right, together with new airblades on each side, improve cooling. Even the customary 911 GT3 air outlet to the front of the luggage compartment lid helps to ensure plenty of fresh air.

All cooling air intakes are protected by air intake grilles in titanium colour.

Aerodynamics and design

Interior preview GT3 via porsche.com

The first impression is like the second: the new 911 GT3 has a more imposing appearance. And always looks ready to pounce. More aggressive as well? We prefer to say: more impatient.

Squat is how the rear looks. And squat is also its stance on the road. That’s because the 911 GT3 is an extra 44 mm wider and sits approximately 25 mm lower than the 911 Carrera. It’s because the LED taillights are not only slimline, they are now also shaped three dimensionally.

It’s because the central twin tailpipe of the sports exhaust system is a visual clue to the car’s low center of gravity.

Porsche front area via porsche.com

The interior borrows its steering wheel from the 918 Spyder hypercar, and standard sport seats feature enough bolstering to keep even the slimmest of drivers in the seat. 18-way power sport seats are an option, if you want to err on the fancy side in your 500-hp road car.

The rear seats, which are seats in name only, have been removed.

The 2018 Porsche 911 GT3 goes on sale this fall. The MSRP is $143,600, and it’ll cost an extra $1,050 for delivery.

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