New World War II Movie from Christopher Nolan – Dunkirk

Dunkirk – the real story that will hit cinemas this year

For the unfamiliar, Dunkirk is the true story centering on the rescue of 330,000 British, French and Belgium Allied troops after Germany effectively cut off and surrounded them at the harbor of Dunkirk, France during World War 2. The operation, consisting of over 800 boats is considered by many to be the greatest military operation in the history of mankind.

To bring the amazing true war story to life, Nolan has enlisted an all-star cast consisting of Tom Hardy, Mark Rylance, Kenneth Branagh, Cillian Murphy and Fionn Whitehead.

There are very few Hollywood film-makers who could have made Dunkirk. The public is not crying out for an epic war film about the desperate evacuation of Allied troops at the peak of Hitler’s hold on Europe in May and June 1940.

But Christopher Nolan is not only making movies. He is making money: more than $4.2bn at the global box office – and studio Warner Bros has duly stumped up the cash for what is expected to be the most ambitious historical war movie since the glory years of Steven Spielberg and Oliver Stone.

For this movie, Nolan was even reportedly given $5m to spend on a vintage Nazi war plane, which he is said to have cheerfully smashed to smithereens for the film’s denouement.

Watch the Dunkirk trailer below and leave your comments:

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