Shelby American Celebrates the 50th Anniversary with the Super Snake Mustang

Carol Shelby would be proud of the new Shelby Super Snake Mustang

Five decades after the first “Super Snake” rumbled out of the factory, Shelby American Inc unveiled the all-new 50th Anniversary Shelby Super Snake Mustang in the Ford Motor Company exhibit at the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction.

To commemorate the anniversary of the legendary Shelby Super Snake, only 500 of the 2017 models will be built with a new lower MSRP beginning at US$69,995 including the base Ford Mustang GT.

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While the 2018 Ford Mustang is already a beauty that you must at least check-out if not buying it, the Shelby 50th Anniversary Super Snake Mustang is next level.

Coming with a choice of manual or automatic transmission, it puts 670 horsepower of American muscle onto pavement via a 5-liter Ford V8 with forced induction.

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If that’s not enough for you, an optional supercharger package brings the total horsepower to 750. Supercharged, the Shelby Super Snake will do 0-100 in 3.5 seconds.

Now this is something that you should take in consideration. Watch the movie below to see the beast in action.

Joe Conway, Co-CEO of Carroll Shelby International and CEO of Shelby American said:

When Carroll Shelby introduced the Super Snake version of the Ford Mustang in 1967, it earned universal respect for its astonishing capabilities. When Shelby American reintroduced the Super Snake in 2007, the world was awed by the 600+ horsepower street legal muscle car.

One look at the Super Snake reveals unique Shelby styling that is smooth and integrated.

The car features a new hood, rockers, spoilers, splitters, grilles, fog lights, rear tail panel and rear diffuser assembly. Additional styling cues also include anniversary stripes and badges.

Inside, the anniversary theme continues across the seats, dash and floor.

The cost of the package is $36,795 not including the Ford Mustang GT, making a complete car about $69,995.00.

Each Shelby Super Snake is assigned a Shelby serial number that is documented in the official Shelby Registry. A separate plaque signed by the build team will be affixed under the hood.

We are really curious to see this beast on the streets? Seen one? Let us know below.

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