5 Sci-Fi Movies Every Guy Should See in a Lifetime

Not only these movies are all time favorites, but they are some of the most universally beloved

Cinematic history is littered with gems. In the hands of a brilliant director, a skillful cast, or a visionary writer, a sci-fi masterpiece can be born. This is the main reason we compelled here a list with 5 movies every man should see. 

The sci-fi movies are ranked by fans of space and sci-fi genres. All these movies can take several forms and stories. What are the best of these movies?

Many films presents stories about extraterrestrials, alien abductions, or visitors from other planets and even some stories from the future. Check 5 of them below.

1. 2001: A Space Odyssey

Caption from the movie via memeburn.com

The year was 1968.

America was in the midst of “The Space Race” with the Russians. Man had yet to set foot on the moon, but the Apollo program was in full swing. The world was only a year away from taking “One small step for man”.

A very close second, this mystifying story came out of a collaboration between Kubrick and science fiction writer Arthur C Clarke. It achieved enormous fame for its then revolutionary special effects.

And in this moment Stanley Kubrick released “2001: A Space Odyssey”. One of the most ambitious movies of all time. Some say it’s the greatest sci-fi film ever made.

2. Blade Runner

Blade runner poster via cultjer.com

While we try to add as many obscure movies as possible, sometimes there are films that are incredibly well-known, but just have to be on the list. Blade Runner is one of those movies.

The story revolves around Harrison Ford’s policeman, Rick Deckard, and his hunt for four cloned humanoids, known as replicants, in a dystopian version of Los Angeles.

Replicants have been deemed illegal and Deckard is a blade runner, a specialist in exterminating them.

Best of all it has the greatest monologue by a robot. We won’t spoil this for you by quoting it here – you have to see AND hear it!

3. Alien

Shot from Alien movie via maxim.com

Sometimes a movie can become a classic without ever really being all that good. Alien is just one of those sci-fi movies and for sure many of you know about this epic series.

The Alien script started out as a bare bones, half story written by Dan O’Bannon and was shopped around for years before several re-writes. The story eventually became a collaborative effort that added an android, changed crew names and the entire ending.

As additional information you should know, O’Bannon wrote out simple parameters of what the facehugger was – the small octopus-like thing that would leap onto someone’s face, wrap tentacles around a person’s head and it would have an organ depositor, which it would shove down a person’s throat.

A few weeks later, Giger mailed the photographic transparencies. As soon as O’Bannon saw those pictures, “he knew he’d do whatever he had to to get it on film.”

Giger sketch via pajiba.com

4. District 9

District 9 movie shot via gizmodo.com

Most alien-based movie plots are remarkably similar: we discover evil and powerful extraterrestrial life we can’t possibly defeat. In the end like in many old and new movie we gather our forces and defeat all of them!

Whereas other sci-fi films are all against human race, District 9 goes in a different direction as aliens are detained as refugees. There’s a level of emotion you don’t normally find in a genre full of laser blasters and ships at warp speed.

5. Edge of Tomorrow

Edge of tomorrow via feelgraphix.com

Tom Cruise has a thing for big budget sci-fi flicks, and while Minority Report and War of the Worlds are very good movies, the latest of its pack looks to be the best of them. The movie has everything you want in an action-heavy sci-fi film: invading aliens, a little bit of time travel, a lot of guns and explosions and a little romance. Actually, the couple doesn’t look to bad.

So if you didn’t see any of these movies, now it’s time to check them on Netflix or buy the dvds. If you enjoyed them just write us a small review!

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