Top Highest Paid Tattoo Artists and Their Rates

People wear art in their own distinctive ways. Some buy clothes, some buy shoes. Some love tattoos and pay thousands for a tattoo artist art

Tattoos are among the many fashionable style that’s being related to the style business. Regularly, tattoo artists are updating themselves in order that they don’t have to face the difficulty of outdated designs.

The tattoo artists are earning about $100 per hour for offering the best design.The tattoo designer have to invest lots of time in making an image good and aspect impact free tattoo in your skin. We have to accept the truth that it’s a true creativity and imaginative power of the artist which matters the most while making a tattoo.

The right tattoo artist comes with a staggering price, though. Below we have compelled a list with top tattoo artist in the world.

Bob Tyrell

Bob Tyrell via

Bob Tyrrell, was born November 4’th 1962 in Detroit, Michigan. He has been featured in LA Ink and London Ink and is best known for tattooing Kid Rock’s back, and his incredible hyper realism tattoos. Began tattooing in his thirties, Bob has his own tattoo shop now in Detroit, Michigan. It is named after his own name, Bob Tyrrell’s Night Gallery. Price is around $150 per hour.

Nikko Hurtado

Hurtado was born in the San Fernando Valley, California in 1981 and began tattooing in 2002, eventually starting his own tattoo parlor, the Black Anchor Collective in Hesperia, California. He has been featured on LA Ink and Ink Master, as well as several instructional DVDs.

Nikko Hurtado via

Hurtado has tattooed stars such as Drake, Wale, Puff Daddy, Andrew WK, Cheryl Cole, Jenna Jameson, Jesse James and Kat Von D. The masses know him from appearances on TLC’s LA Inkand Spike’s Ink Master.

After a lustrous career with a tattoo machine in his hand, the wizard of color realism is hanging up his tubes. He quit the art of tattoo as he said in an interview from Inked Magazine. A really sad news.

Stephanie Tamez

Stephanie Tamez via

Maybe it’s the exposed brick, or the giant oil painting of Jesus, or any of the other hodgepodge of canvases covering the walls, but Saved feels more like an artist’s studio than a point of purchase. Even if it wasn’t smack in the middle of ink-liberal Williamsburg with a client list that includes Marc Jacobs, Kanye West and Courtney Love, its wait list would be swelling.

Stephanie Tamez started it all as a graphic designer. Then she fell in love with another kind of graphic designing: the typography tattoos.

Stephanie charges $200 per every hour of tattoo consultation. It may be a little pricey. But with her graphic design background, your tattoo will be worth every dime.

Kat Von D

Kat von D
Kat von D via

She first appeared in Miami Ink with Ami James. After four seasons, she opened her own tattoo shop, High Voltage in Los Angeles, which later became the set of her own TV show, LA Ink.

Her estimated net worth is $5 million and her typical charge for a tattoo starts at $200 per hour.

These tattoo artists can liken their work to that of a painter, with the only difference being that they use the human body as a canvas. Indeed, tattoo artists have been the subject of several reality shows and it has boosted the stock artists so much so that they have emerged on top of highest paid artist.

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