Renault Unveils All Electric GT Concept Car, the Trezor

Renault Trezor is a french electric car that looks awesome and is also very fast

The Renault Trezor concept, a look at how a future all-electric, autonomous grand tourer might take shape, debuted today at the Paris Motor Show. This is a pure concept, with some wild gimmicks and exaggerated proportions.

The stunning vehicle that features an opening top instead of doors has an innovative design that isn’t only futuristic — the car is also fast.

As a styling exercise the Trezor is very French. It’s long, elegant  with a striking red interior. It boasts a 260kw battery capable of 360 hp and 282 pound feet of torque. This power allows it to go from 0 to 62 mph in under four seconds.

Renault Trezor via

Another interesting touch is the exterior lighting, which changes to indicate to those around it that it’s in fully-autonomous mode. The Trezor is a two-seater electric largely based on the coupé DeZir concept unveiled back in 2010, but with an electric architecture.

The vehicle is even equipped with the same regenerative braking system from Rechargeable Energy Storage System (RESS) found in Formula E racing cars.

The TREZOR’s proportions also contribute to its engaging on-the-road manner. Its wide tracks (front: 2,048mm / rear: 2,106mm) and wheelbase (2,776mm) enhance road holding, while the ultra-low bodywork optimises aerodynamics to achieve a drag co-efficient (Cd) of just 0.22.

Its centre of gravity is also particularly low (ground clearance: 25cm) for greater stability and less body roll.

Renault new GT electric car concept

Now we can only hope that Renault makes more than just one of these. For sure it would worth buy one.

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