5 Mistakes to Avoid While Using Your Perfume

It’s important to know some things when you use a perfume. Most of us are making several mistakes in choosing it and we need to learn how to avoid that. You need to be sure that the perfume you choose it suits you when you wear it and will be the same as that smelled in the store.

Let’s learn together.

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You try a perfume, but already you wear yours

Most of the girls are doing this, but it’s a big mistake. It’s better to go shopping a new perfume when you’re not wearing your own, or other aromatic products like body cream or oil. This way they don’t mix and you can appreciate its full flavors.

Rubbing your wrists 

Friction and heat breaks down your perfume’s molecular structure, causing it to smell different and shorten its life spay. Rubbing your wrists together is forbidden.

Instead of spraying on your wrists, give other pulse points as well as your hair a light spritz for great results.

Apply perfume wherever you want to be kissed!

You spray your clothes

Keep your perfume on your skin. All perfumes contain some percentage of oil, that will not only vanish more easily when applied on textiles, but will also most likely remain on your clothes.

You store your perfume in the wrong place

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When you spend your money on an expensive perfume, don’t keep it in the bathroom!

The light, heat and moisture damage them. So to make it last as long as possible you should keep it in a cold place away from sunlight. This way you can be sure that it will last longer.

You over use it

A bad way of wasting your nice scent is to apply too much of your perfume. You should just aim for maximum 3 pulse points and if you feel like it, spritz some perfume in front of yourself and then take a step into the mist.

It turns out that there are areas on the body that are best for spritzing – and they are not always the places we expect.

Another pulse point is the inside of the elbows, which as well as emitting the enhanced fragrance, serves to slightly obscure the smell in the bends of the arms – perfect for longer-lasting diffusion.

Maximize the power of the perfume by ensuring skin is moisturized, as the more hydrated your skin is, the longer the fragrance will last.

A simple rule to always keep in mind is that less is always more. You need to realize that other women are wearing perfume also, so when you are in the room all together imagine what will happen.

Your perfume will be clashing against theirs, especially if you’re wearing too much. When in doubt, wear a light fragrance.

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