The Perfect Holiday with Mercedes Benz Classic Car Travel Program

Mining new discoveries from a rich history with Mercedes Classic Car Travel Program

German luxury carmakers Mercedes-Benz have created an innovative Classic Car Travel program that gives all car lovers the chance to drive the brand’s iconic ‘Pagoda’ SL drop-top roadster around the Mediterranean coast.

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A driving holiday is one of the best ways to experience great countryside sights, but a breathtaking coastal road isn’t at its best if you’re with a rented car.

The idea behind Classic Car Travel is perfectly tailored to offer fans just that. This exciting opportunity gives classic fans the chance to experience the unique character, charm and power of a Mercedes-Benz old-timer without the high cost of acquisition or maintenance. Combine that with a chance to experience the most beautiful routes in Europe — and any Mercedes-BenzClassic fan’s dreams will come true.

Mercedes Benz Classic Car Travel Program – the perfect holiday

The program originally started with Gert Pichter, who is one of the two founders of Nostalgic GmbH, a driving experience company offering cars as classic Alfa Romeos and convertible Beetles on Alpine passes and twisty Tuscany roads.

Now, Mercedes-Benz is working together with the company, and its car portfolio has been widened with the W113 body “Pagoda” SL and the later R107 model.

Mercedes Benz Classic Car Travel Program is capitalizing on this opportunity to grant patrons a unique opportunity to set off on an escapade along a scenic drive.

So if you want a perfect holiday this summer you should check this out!

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