Top 10 Most Expensive Engagement Rings: Beyonce is Not at The Top

When it comes to true love weight in carats the most expensive engagement rings can be as “cheap” as a toy from a box of cereals

A diamond engagement ring evokes timeless elegance and love weight, but designer jewelry houses have cooked up more trends this year that elevate these rings to a new level. A combination of novel prone settings, air of sensuality, and contrasting colors, among others, set the benchmark for the most beautiful engagement rings today.

The most expensive engagement rings – love weight in carats

Talking about the most expensive rings offered by men, we just need one defining factor measured by our drooling curiosity: the absorbing price of these ten diamond engagement rings that we couldn’t get our eyes off.

Today celebrites and modern aristocrats lay claim of the most expensive engagement rings in the world. Beyonce, Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian are among the happy owners of these kind of rings.

As for these women, well they are some lucky ladies to be presented with these rings. We’re talking about diamonds that are the size of rocks, and price tags that are basically unfathomable for us common folk. The best we can do is just take a look at this list, admire the photos, and dream about having our own Prince Charming come along and give us some of this bling.

Imagine what was in the mind of Catherine Zeta Jones when her fiance opened the box and revealed a lovely ring. Price? See the list below.

10.  Garrard 18 Carat Blue Sapphire and Diamonds – Catherine Elisabeth Middleton – $130,000

Kate Middleton via

This is the same ring that was worn by Diana, Princess of Wales, when she got engaged with Charles in 1981. This sapphire is fringed by 14 diamonds and cost around $40,000 at that time. It’s not very expensive or unique, but because of its royalty and that fact that was worn by Lady Di, this ring has a much bigger value, being one of the most famous engagement rings ever.

9. Argyle Jewelers Pear-Cut – Anna Kournikova – $2,5 millions

Anna Kournikove Ring -via

A sophisticated 11-carat pear-cut natural pink diamond that was given by Enrique Iglesias.

8. Fred Leighton Vintage Diamond – Catherine Zeta Jones – $2,5 millions

Catherine Zeta Jones via

A gorgeous, vintage, marquise-shaped 10-carat diamond. The ring has a 1920s vibe and there are 28 more diamonds around the center one.

7. Lesotho III Diamond – Jacqueline Onassis – $2,6 millions

Jackie O. via

This ring was given by Aristotle Onassis, it is a 40-carat diamond and was one of only 16 cuts from a 601-carat rough diamond discovered in South Africa. The ring was worn just twice and since then it is locked in a bank vault in New York

6. Graff Emerald-Cut Diamond – Melania Knauss – $3,0 millions

Melania Trump ring via

The ring was bought from the expensive House of Graff in London and offered by the well-known Donald Trump. It’s a 15-carat emerald cut diamond put on a platinum setting.

Known as “The Lord of the Rings” the actual price that Donald Trump paid was  at a 50% discount in exchange for the publicity the Graff company got from the wedding event.

5. Neil Lane Blue Diamond – Jennifer Lopez – $4,0 millions

Jennifer Lopez and her ring via

This ring given by her ex-husband Marc Anthony, has a dazzling 8.5-carat diamond and was mounted by Neil Lane touted as the jeweler of the stars. It is considered the rarest and the most prized diamond among Lopez’s blings.

Other star that has a ring with the same value is Vanessa Bryant(wife of Kobe Bryant).

4. Cartier Emerald-Cut Diamond – $4,06 millions – Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly via

This is the official engagement ring that was given by Prince Rainier III of Monaco, a 10.47-carat emerald cut diamond.

3. Gold Diamond – Encrusted – $4,7 millions – Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton via

When Paris said “yes” to Latsis she was probably blinded by this 24-carat engagement ring featuring a canary diamond. What an investment for Latsis, especially considering that the couple never even got married. Yep, he spent $4,700,000 on an engagement ring that was only worn for 4 months.

2. Lorraine Schwartz Platinum Diamond – Beyonce – $5 millions

Beyonce Ring via

The ring that has this huge value was the gift from Jay-Z and the central rock was certified as an exceptional, internally-clear premium stone. Still, this ring is on the second place on our top.

1. Ascher-cut Krupp Diamond – Elisabeth Taylor – $8.8 millions

Liz Taylor and her ring via

As most of you were not expected, the first place is not dedicated to the $8 millions ring of Kim Kardashian. Indeed, that is a great value, but the first place is for a huge 33.19-carat Ascher-cut Krupp with a fairly large culet facet. This diamond is certified as the most chemically pure type of diamond with exceptional optical transparency. The ring was sold at Christie’s in 2011 and bought by an Asian investor in 2011.

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