This is Probably the First Photo of iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 is months away from being announced, but some photos are leaking

The iPhone 7 is months away from being announced, yet more and more reports offer new details about the unreleased smartphone from Apple.

Some of the most recent information suggest that Apple will modify the storage capacity by bringing 256GB of storage to the iPhone 7 and that the 4.7-inch iPhone 7 will have a camera featuring optical image stabilization (OIS).

There were some leaked photos of components and camera of the new device. Anyway, the leaked photo below is our first photo of iPhone 7 in the flesh.

First iPhone photo via

As part of the overall negativity on Apple right now, the idea that the upcoming new iPhone 7 is going to be “boring” has begun to permeate through the media. This downbeat attitude is based solely on rumors surrounding the new iPhone’s design.

iPhone 7 new design or just a rumor?

In the image here, we see an iPhone that indeed looks a lot like the iPhone 6. On the plus side, the camera lens is huge compared to the one we are used to on iPhone 6s, suggesting that we can expect a dramatically improved camera on the new item.

On the flip side, the redesigned antenna lines follow a better path than the current ones, but they appear to be significantly thicker.

Is this the real deal? Production is underway and all signs point to that this is the true iPhone 7, but obviously nothing is 100% confirmed until Apple unveils it in this coming September.

What do you thing about this? Do you believe is real?


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