5 Cool Sneakers From Classic Movies

Influential sneakers that were seen in Hollywood movies

Movies are one of the most efficient way for companies to promote their products. Consumers are more attracted to this kind of products from the moment they see them with their actors. As for the sneakers, if they appear natural to viewers they are more probably to generate a high search volume from all sneaker lovers.

Most of the time, the products appearance is subtle, other times the sneaker is just a thing that the character happens to wear.

Check below the sneakers list that had the most influence in the Classic Movies Era

1. Kill Bill – Onitsuka Tiger

Kill Bill Scene via shopify.com

In Kill Bill Volume 1, The Bride’s iconic yellow jumpsuit and yellow Onitsuka Tiger Tai Chi LE’s are a tribute to Bruce Lee’s similar ensemble from Game of Death in which the martial arts legend dons a pair of Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66s.

2. White Man Can’t Jump- Air Jordan 6 Infrared

Woody Harrelson via subonsciousfilm.com

There have been a number of notable sneaker moments in the cinematic history – ranging from cool sneakers that had a direct impact on the plot – to more subdued models that many have only registered for those dedicated to the world of sneaker collecting.

3. Forrest Gump – Nike Cortez

Forest via meltystyle.fr

4. Beverly Hills Cop – Adidas Country

Axel Foley via themost10.com

5. The Terminator – Nike Vandals

Kyle Reese via cinemablend.com

When Kyle Reese shows up in 1984 to protect Sarah Connor, he needed to look the part of someone from that era. Heading to the local department store for shopping he picks out a pair of Nike Vandals as the cops close in on him.

Did you catch that the Nike Vandals Kyle Reese is wearing in the Genisys trailer are the same Nike Vandals he was wearing in the original Terminator movie? If you didn’t, apparently you totally should have, because getting those kicks back on the big screen was a bit of a battle between the film’s costume designer and Nike.

We all have some favorites models, from movies or from the celebrities we like to “copy”. Nowadays there are a lot of models that can motivate you to go shopping.

New models like Air Jordan or Adidas Yeezy are for sure some of the model of 2016 sneakers. Also we can’t forget about Chuck Taylor II or the new lines from Reebok and New Balance.

Do you have a model that you like to wear all the time? Which one you consider a classic? 

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