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  • wagyu-beef-burger

    McDonald’s is testing an expensive burger with Wagyu beef

    As you’d expect, the new Wagyu beef burger has a different price range as the McDouble. Instead, the standalone product will set you back around $11, which makes it the priciest burger in a Mc menu. The test takes place in Australia for the moment. McDonald’s Australia director of suppy chain Robert Sexton said this launch was further […]

  • ammo-wallpaper

    The 5 Ammo Types With Multiple Uses That You Must Have

    Having a gun is not so unusual, but a good ammunition stockpile is always going to be influenced by budget and room. So the actual purpose of this article is to opt for that ammo that can have multiple uses, it’s easy to carry and will not kill your budget. .22 Long Rifle Ammo The […]

  • avalanche-danger

    5 Critical Situations and How You Can Keep Safe

    Even if a city looks like a safer place to be, there are situations when you will be out there hiking, camping or fishing. Outdoor is a way of life and it gives you that link with your ancestors. A lot of people prefer this lifestyle and it’s nothing new that gear, skills and training […]

  • giza_plateau

    New 4,000 Year Old Tomb Discovered in Eqypt

    Archaeologists in Egypt have unveiled a 4,000 year old tomb near the Giza pyramids that contains rare wall paintings and is believed to belong to a high-ranking priestess named Hetpet. According to researchers Hetpet was a priestess for Hathor, a goddess associated with fertility, motherhood, and love. Hetpet was buried in a tomb featuring several […]

  • mayas 9

    New Evidences About How Big Was the Mayan Empire

    Using laser-created scans of the jungles in northern Guatemala, researchers digitally removed the tree canopy from images of the area. The editing was made possible by a technology called LiDAR, which scans pictures taken at a birds’-eye view uncovered an entire new city in the Central American jungle. The ancient Maya civilization was one of the […]

  • 5 Currency Ideas to Use in Economic Collapse SHTF Scenario

    History repeats itself. I don’t say that we are close to a SHTF scenario, but as some of you know it’s better to be prepared. Thousands of years ago with no crisis on the go, humans independently abandoned informal barter systems and adopted what we know now as currency. Stones, gems, gold all where the […]

  • smoked_meat

    5 Foods That You Can Store for Decades

    In these days when more and more we are facing calamities it’s never a bad idea to have a stockpile around your house or better in a cellar. These foods can last for years and you can use them in case the grid goes down or there is no electricity. This is important as they […]

  • Silver Patron Tequila

    Bacardi Buys Patron in a Booming Tequila Market

    Bacardi has scooped up Patron in a deal that instantly makes it a major player in the booming tequila market. The deal values Patron at $5.1 billion and is expected to close in the first half of the year. Privately-held Bacardi previously had a 30% stake in Patron Spirits International AG for nearly a decade. The […]

  • amazongo_shopping

    Future Retail: Amazon Go Concept Store Opens to Public

    The technology inside Amazon’s new convenience store called Amazon Go, opened Monday in Seattle, enables a shopping experience like no other — no checkout lines and no cash involved. By combining computer vision, machine learning algorithms and sensors, the online retail simply charges their Amazon account. There are no shopping carts or baskets inside Amazon Go. […]

  • Nike-PG-2-PlayStation

    PG-2 PlayStation-themed Nike Sneakers are Any Gamer’s Dream

    Sony recently teamed up with NBA All-Star Paul George and Nike to create some game-looking sneakers based off the PlayStation’s design. The sneakers, called the PG-2 PlayStation Colorway, looks pretty cool – whether you’re a basketball fan or just a gamer. NBA player Paul George of the Oklahoma City Thunder has created this basketball shoe […]

  • nuclear-targets

    Nuclear War: With so Many US Nuclear Targets Can We Survive an Attack?

    Even though today’s US nuclear targets list is not available to the public, it probably doesn’t look dramatically different from what you can find on FEMA or other gov sites.  As we are not so close to a US-Russia war and not even to a North-Koreean one, any nuke attack will have dramatic impact not […]

  • russian_girls

    Crazy Facts About the Russian Women Phenomenon

    The Russian women are gorgeous. Sure, maybe there are great genes involved here, but they also take beauty very seriously. They spend a significant amount of time and money on cosmetics and while they may not need to wear makeup, they do so because it enhances their natural beauty and makes them feel confident.  There […]

  • how-to-get-out-of-your-comfort-zone

    Simple Ways to Fight Depression and Improve Your Life

    Maybe you have no job or you are just in one of those moment when you want a little more action in your life. Are you tired of that routine or you are fighting depression or to makes some changes? It happens to all of us, but guess what? There is a solution for this! […]

  • Demi Lovato

    Demi Lovato Makes Fans Believe She is The Daughter of Demi Moore

    The MTV Europe Music Awards was the right place for some of the most exquisite and outrageous fashion looks. From Rita Ora’s bathrobe to Camila Cabello’s see-through dress, the eyes went on the best look of the evening. Demi Lovato managed to make an over sized suit look completely sexy on her, a look that […]

  • ftv4-thearchitect-bombardier

    Global 7000 The Architect – The Largest Jet Ever Made for Business Travel

    Bombardier company has given the world an impressive jet –  the Global 7000 with nickname The Architect or FTV4. This is the first Global 7000 aircraft to be showcased at a public event and is the first flight test vehicle equipped with a cabin interior. The Architect will be on display at the National Business Aviation […]

  • Hotellialue-kirkkaana-talvipaivana

    Lapland, the Place you can Visit and Enjoy the Northern Lights

    Spending the night in Levin Iglut igloos is somehow magical. As well as the spectacular view, the glass igloos also provide a surprisingly spacious interior with high-level amenities. You can drift off to sleep in a luxurious warm bed on the fell slope while admiring the arctic sky. If you are planning a vacation this […]

  • Amazon CEO Bezos Introduces Smartphone to Take on Apple, Samsung

    Jeff Bezos is now the World Richest Man with $90 billion Net Worth

     With Amazon’s share price surging Friday morning after its earnings report, Jeff Bezos’s wealth shot up to more than $90 billion, according to calculations by CNBC and data from the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. That put Jeff Bezos to become the richest man in the world. Jeff Bezos net worth is now $90 billion. This is the moment when he […]

  • ichthyosaurus_esther_van_hulsen

    Jurassic Monster: 18-Foot-Long Sea Monster Found in India

    An exquisitely preserved fossil of an ichthyosaur — a dolphin-like reptile that lived during the dinosaur age — it’s the only Jurassic ichthyosaur ever found in India. The researchers were surprised to find the marine reptile in the Kachchh area in the western Indian state of Gujarat, because with the exceptions of South America and […]

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